Greta Thunberg accepts Santa’s offer to fight for a healthy planet as an elf at the North Pole. Her uniform (at right) won’t fit, however, until she’s undergone “a little bit of shrinkage” — usual when humans join Santa’s team. (Flickr photo/Andy Bosselman, Streetsblog Denver)

Youth climate activists “storm” the annual KCAW Christmas interview to present Greta Thunberg’s Letter to Santa, and her 28-page list of demands. “This is all wrong…I should be writing to ask for a pony or a new life jacket,” Thunberg says. Santa’s defense is led by the international consultants, The Blitzen Group, who argue that “More toys equal more joys” regardless of the environmental cost. Santa’s compromise: Greta can become an elf.

With John Straley, Finn Straley, Caitlin Woolsey, Robert Woolsey.