A clinician pulls a sterile COVID-19 screening kit from a box at SEARHC’s drive-up clinic in Sitka on Friday, March 20, 2020. (KCAW photo/Berett Wilber)

An archive of reporting from KCAW News and our partners on the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest news, see our KCAW COVID-19 Information Hub.

State’s Chief Medical Officer pays visit to Sitka assembly, KCAW News, 6-25-20

Sitka health officials announce new coronavirus case, KCAW News, 6-25-20

Two new COVID-19 cases announced, plus two recoveries, KCAW News, 6-19-20

Scrambling for screeners: Yakutat hiring for help with COVID airport testing, KCAW News, 6-19-20

No tourism? Allen Marine conducts coronavirus screenings at Sitka airport instead, KCAW News, 6-17-20

Sitka coronavirus case count hits twelve, KCAW News, 6-13-20

With three new cases, Sitka’s coronavirus count reaches 11, KCAW News, 6-13-20

Health officials detect two new coronavirus cases in Sitka, KCAW News, 6-12-20

Sitka coronavirus count reaches six, KCAW News, 6-11-20

Sitkans to receive utility, moorage subsidies, KCAW News, 6-11-20

UPDATE: Sitka health officials announce fifth COVID-19 case, KCAW News, 6-10-20

Sitka health officials announce third coronavirus case, KCAW News, 6-4-20

Assembly approves CARES Act working group, KCAW News, 6-1-20

Sitka’s 2nd coronavirus case a testing success, KCAW News, 5-27-20

‘Safe Stores’ initiative helps Sitka businesses protect themselves and customers, KCAW News, 5-21-20

Sitka’s Seniors ‘drive-thru’ to the future, KCAW News, 5-19-20

City to receive over $14 million in CARES Act funding, KCAW News, 5-19-20

Assembly rolls back travel quarantine, and ‘hunker down’ rule expires , KCAW News, 5-13-20

Ten staff members at Lemon Creek Correctional Center have tested positive for COVID-19, KTOO

Nothing ‘false’ about it, Sitka’s first coronavirus remains a positive, KCAW News, 4-30-20

Blip or outbreak? Sitka’s first coronavirus detected in locked-down care center, KCAW News, 4-27-20

Sitka Long-Term Care resident tests positive for coronavirus, KCAW News, 4-25-20

As state begins reopening, local shelter-in-place, quarantine orders still stand, KCAW News, 4-25-20

Sitka businesses adapt to new reality in a pandemic,  KCAW News, 4-24-20

Lawmakers scrutinize Dunleavy’s stimulus cash for cities and boroughs, CoastAlaska News, 4-22-20

Survey: Researchers ask how Sitkans assess, respond to pandemic risk, KCAW News, 4-17-20

Sitka’s ‘hunker down’ order extended to mid-May, KCAW News, 4-16-20

Sitka arts camp, music festival go dark for the summer, KCAW News, 4-15-20

Covid relief could aid Sitka’s schools — or not, KCAW News, 4-15-20

A Covid-free Sitka to quarantine incoming seasonal workers, KCAW News, 4-15-20

Bruhl letter: Bringing 450 seafood workers to Sitka ‘contradictory to medical reason, KCAW News, 4-14-20

Assembly looks to ease financial stress caused by coronavirus, KCAW News, 4-13-20

11 new COVID-19 cases in Alaska, including one in Craig, KTOO, 4-10-20

Alaska banks can’t keep up with demand for coronavirus relief money, Alaska Public Media, 4-10-20

Sitka Chamber: Some businesses frustrated connecting with CARES, Raven News, 4-9-20

Virtual fitness, dance classes keep Sitkans moving at home, Raven News, 4-6-20

Principals Report: Sitka students chalk up 90 percent attendance at e-school, Raven News, 4-6-20

Meet the team of Alaskans trying to trace and contain every case of COVID-19, Alaska’s Energy Desk, 4-6-20

As COVID-19 cases rise, Juneau hospital staff say they’re preparing for ‘dire circumstances, KTOO, 4-6-20

Volunteer mask makers mobilize in Southeast Alaska , Raven News, 4-3-20

SEARHC eyes closed boarding school as COVID-19 treatment site, KSTK News, 4-2-20

State says ferry repairs are on schedule, but COVID-19 concerns will delay return to service, CoastAlaska News, 4-1-20

Dunleavy extends shutdown of dine-in service at restaurants as COVID-19 cases climb, Alaska Public Media, 4-1-20

State announced eight new coronavirus cases, KTOO, 3-21-20

Traveling in the shadow of pandemic: how a slow national response leaves a Sitka woman and her community at risk , KCAW News, 3-20-20

Yakutat assembly and Tribe declare local emergencies, KCAW News, 3-20-20

New mutual aid group supports residents in isolation, KCAW News, 3-20-20

School’s out, but lunch is on thanks to Sitka’s ‘Grab and Go’ meal program, KCAW News, 3-20-20

Mobile coronavirus screening goes for a test-drive in Sitka, four other communities, KCAW News, 3-20-20

Alaska COVID-19 count jumps to 9 cases with patients in Anchorage, Seward, Alaska Public Media, 3-19-20

Angoon declares emergency to prepare for pandemic, KCAW News, 3-19-20

Panic buying restricts supply chains to remote towns , KCAW News, 3-19-20

Number of COVID-19 cases in Alaska rises to 12, KCAW News, 3-19-20

Sitka: A Portfolio in Social Distancing , KCAW News, 3-18-20

Alaska COVID-19 count jumps to 9 cases with patients in Anchorage, Seward, Alaska Public Media, 3-18-20

Campus closures upend school year for Sitka students , KCAW News, 3-18-20

Governor to shut down dining at bars and restaurants; total confirmed Alaska COVID-19 cases up to 6, KTOO.org, 3-17-20

First coronavirus case identified in Ketchikan, KRBD.org, 3-17-20

Two Fairbanks residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, Alaska Public Media, 3-17-20

SEARHC to open drive-thru testing tent in Sitka this week, KCAW News, 3-17-20

Assembly approves emergency declaration, funding, KCAW News, 3-17-20

Morning Interview: SEARHC officials say ‘dozens’ of COVID-19 tests administered across Southeast, KCAW News, 3-17-20

Alaska health department issues advisory for travelers returning from other countries and states, Alaska’s Energy Desk, 3-16-20

No confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Southeast, KSTK Wrangell, 3-16-20

City declares local disaster emergency,KCAW News, 3-15-20

Port closure rumors cause grocery store rush, but barges to Sitka still on schedule, KCAW News, 3-13-20

Governor orders Alaska’s schools closed until March 30, KCAW News, 3-13-20

As more kits arrive, SEARHC investigates two possible covid-19 cases, KCAW News, 3-13-20

Alaska Capitol will close to the public, KTOO Juneau, 3-13-20

Alaska’s first known coronavirus patient arrived on a cargo flight and went to an ER in Anchorage, state officials say, Alaska Public Media, 3-12-20

‘We have to trust each other’: Sitka’s top doc advises care, compliance during COVID-19 pandemic, KCAW News, 3-11-20

Economic impact of COVID-19 ‘definitely an issue’ in Sitka, KCAW News, 3-11-20

Sitka coordinates plans for arrival of Covid-19 virus, to ‘stay ahead of panic’, KCAW News, 3-6-20