Talk of Southeast Alaska is a new call-in radio program on Raven Radio. Our second episode aired on Wednesday, March 25th – our discussion centered on the varied COVID-19 responses in our listening communities. We invited Denise Ewing, Sitka Public Health Nurse, Amy Zanuzoski, with Sitka Counseling, Charlie Woodcock, of Youth Advocates, and Dr. Elliott Bruhl with SEARHC, to speak about what to look for, what institutions are doing, and how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our guests provided resources for listeners to use, by phone:

Public Health COVID-19 Hotline – 966-8799
Sitka Counseling, call if you’re in crisis. Telehealth treatment available. – 747-3636
The Virtual Cloud, supportive services for youth 12 to 18 years of age. Monday through Sunday 3 PM to 9 PM. – 738-8266

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Hosted by Becky Meiers, and produced by Peter Vu, Talk of Southeast Alaska is one of the results of 2019’s Translatorpalooza tour. We developed this show as a result of our meetings with listeners throughout our broadcast area. Over and over, folks in each community expressed the need to hear from each other — they wanted to hear how people throughout our region were dealing with the issues they were dealing with. They wanted to hear stories from other folks in small communities along the coast.

We’re always encouraging our listener-members to participate in making this radio, and now we’re building a direct line in.

Thanks to BellyMeat (Ernie Eggleston, Gary Gouker, Ted Howard), who created our theme and promo music, to Dave Emmert for his expert guidance, and to the KCAW News Room for their ongoing support around research & topics.