Raven Radio’s June Drive is taking place right now: June 22-27th! We postponed our regular Spring Drive to keep you safe and to focus on reporting around CoronaVirus. Now that we have social distancing and safety measures in place, we are excited to bring community voices back on the air!

With a few exceptions, show hosts and community pitchers will be Zooming in to the station rather than coming into the air room in person. To minimize foot traffic we won’t have community volunteers taking your pledge over the phone. Instead we’re using a call answering service to safely and securely accept pledges by phone. We’re doing everything in our power to raise the funds needed to continue providing you the services you rely on while prioritizing health and safety!

Join your your community now in supporting Raven Radio!

We have some amazing thank you gifts for members! All art work was designed and donated by Rowan Chevalier. You can see more of his work on Instagram @rowanmountain. You can also reach him at rowanmountain@gmail.com


This single station FM radio housed in a mason jar is tuned to the KCAW frequency in your community. Available with a gift of $500.


Stainless steel insulated 12oz water bottle. Available with a gift of $150 or $12.50 per month.


Water resistant reusable shopping bag. Available with a gift of $120 or $10 per month.


Aluminum bottle and can opener. Available with a gift of $60 or $5 per month.