Local health officials announced two new coronavirus cases in Sitka today (6-30-20). 

The first patient is a man in his twenties who has no symptoms. A man in his sixties also tested positive with no symptoms. Both men are non-residents and were tested at the Rocky Gutierrez Airport after arriving in Sitka.

They both received positive test results Monday (6-29-20) morning and are isolating, but it is not clear when they arrived in Sitka.

According to state data, the two men are associated with the seafood industry.

This makes 17 total coronavirus cases in Sitka, including 5 non-resident cases and 12 resident cases. An initial press release from the city listed different numbers, but a corrected press release aligns with the state’s data. According to city officials, 11 patients have recovered so far.  

Editor’s Note: This is a developing story and may be updated with more information.