Health officials earlier today/on Tuesday (7-21-20) announced two new coronavirus cases in Sitka — one resident, and one non-resident.

According to a news release from the Sitka Unified Command, the non-resident case is a male, age 20-29, who was experiencing covid symptoms and tested positive on Monday, July 20.

The second case, a male resident between the ages of 40-49, had no symptoms, but tested positive on July 14.

Sitka’s positives were two of 92 reported in Alaska on Tuesday (7-21-20), bringing the cumulative case count statewide to 2,041. Of that total number of patients, 737 have recovered, and 18 have died. A total of 105 people statewide have been hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus.

You can find more information about the coronavirus pandemic, and how to protect yourself, online at the KCAW COVID-19 Information Hub.