Small businesses and nonprofits in Sitka now qualify for CARES Act grants through a city program. Pictured: businesses in downtown Sitka (KCAW/Berett Wilber)

Sitka businesses and nonprofits can now apply for federal CARES Act funding through the city. 

The city has set aside $5 million in coronavirus relief funding for business and non-profit grants. Applications for the grants went live over the weekend (8-1-20). How much a business qualifies for depends on its previous annual revenue with grants topping out at $10,000. Though there’s only one application, there are separate sets of questions for businesses and nonprofits.  

View the application here

The funding comes with some restrictions– national chain businesses, public corporations and marijuana businesses do not qualify for the grants, nor does any business currently involved in bankruptcy proceedings. Businesses must have a permanent presence in Sitka with at least one local employee. 

Grant applications are due to the city by August 31.