A brown bear strolls through a Sitka neighborhood in July 2014. (Facebook photo/Sitka Bear Report)

It’s that time of year. Bears are starting to stock up on fish and berries before denning up for the winter. And some of Sitka’s bears are also feasting on our trash. That can cause public safety problems for residents and local bears. In a light berry year, Area Wildlife Management Biologist Stephen Bethune said following best practices is all the more important. KCAW’s Morning Host Erin Fulton talked with Bethune on the Morning Interview about what Sitkans can do to keep from having fed bears become dead bears.

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Some tips include following the city ordinance to wait until the morning of pick-up to put out trash, keeping pet food inside, putting bird feeders away for the summer and protecting any livestock with an electric fence. Those who wish to report a bear problem can call Fish and Game at 747-5449 or the Sitka Police Department.