Steve Lee

Age: 44

How many years have you lived in Sitka and in Alaska? 6 years Sitka 2 years in Juneau total 8 years in Alaska

Family: My father who served USA Army for 6 years. He was born in South Korea. He passed away when I was 16 .My mother who is born in South Korea. She is my greatest mother who taught me throughout my childhood. She never gave up on me, when I used to be in trouble all the time. I have younger brother who is 6 ft tall and he is married. He played football in his high school year as a running back. He is living in happy life with his family.

Occupation: My current job is working at SEARHC Hospital as Hospitality Clerk and also working at Sitka Counseling Residential as a provider.

 Community involvement, past and present: 
Rides for elders / sometimes delivery food boxes who it needs /safety

Previous government or other relevant experience? Have you run for public office before?:  

No previous government experience. Yes, I ran for Assembly last year 2019 in Sitka, Alaska. I lost, but gain knowledge and experience .

Why are you running for a seat on the Sitka Assembly this year? 

I’m running for Assembly because I like to be the voice for the people and be the bridge between the people and the government. Also to improve budget for the City of Sitka, Alaska.

What are your top two priorities if elected?   

Budget and the Safety of Sitka, Alaska and also growth of businesses


What is your philosophy for funding city government (including enterprise funds, electricity, water, etc)?

How to use the budget wisely and not waste on unnecessary projects . Also, the cost of living in Sitka, Alaska is too high. Need some work to do on lowering taxes and living cost here in Sitka.



Should we fund the Sitka School District to the maximum allowable by state law? 

Yes, we should fund school to the maximum.



The assembly has seen unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic- both in keeping Sitka safe and distributing federal financial relief throughout the community. Do you believe the assembly’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been satisfactory? Why or why not? 

No , the budget isn’t enough for the residence. The money should handle enough for the residence here in Sitka and for the businesses that was damage through finance and have a temporary facility for COVID-19 positive to quarantine .


Assuming the situation doesn’t change by 2021, what should the assembly’s proactive response be to keep the community safe and safeguard the economy?

Use budget wisely and prepare future budget

Social Justice

What role should the assembly play in addressing social justice and racial equity in Sitka, if any?

Education is a great equalizer for understanding both social justice and racial.

Advocacy and Opposition 

How do you respond when you sense growing public opposition to an ordinance you support? What if you sponsored the ordinance, and feel it’s in the best interest of the public that it pass?

Is to work hard to inform the public. Any major ordinance must have community buy in if it is going to succeed. There may be times the Assembly member and Mayor has to do something because of exigent circumstances, it is better to get as much community support as possible. Assembly members and mayor have to try and represent all Sitkans 100% make the wise decisions. We will be the best for Sitka, Alaska and have the most community support from Sitkans .