Leo Jimmy

Age: 54

How many years have you lived in Sitka and in Alaska? 8 years

Occupation: Two part time jobs, on call. 1st job Sitka Tribe of Alaska, 2nd job the Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce

Family: I have 1 son age 11, 2 stepsons 21, and 17

Community involvement, past and present: 
Am manger of Leo’s Hope a campaign to get a 3.5 intensive inpatient treatment facility back in Sitka and Southeast AK. Started in 2018 to present . and currently running for assembly. Some work with the homeless coalition, hope coalition, Woocheen meetings.

Have you previously run for public office? When and what office? 
This is my first time to run for office.


Previous government or other relevant experience:  
Mostly public sit in assembly meeting and follow. and tribal council meetings public attendance past 7 years.


Why are you running for a seat on the Sitka Assembly this year? 
Top running to help get some things done and squared away , Treatment top level of care get back in Sitka. help get more communication between all entities. government to government, form a town hall meet, help with the school budgets, city budgets, marine hall-out . and of course everything to do with the COVID-19. 


What are your top two priorities if elected?  
Top level of treatment needed in Sitka. 2nd government to government and communication.



What is your philosophy for funding city government (including enterprise funds, electricity, water, etc)?

This is a good question, as I am still learning and reviewing this budget of the city in all these areas , I will look at ways to not rise bills and keep them down as I know this is not easy and there is a lot to the budget and is on everyone’s mind when we got to pay our electric bill. work with the other assembly members to to keep cost down.


Should we fund the Sitka School District to the maximum allowable by state law? 

Yes I think we should fund our schools as needed and allocate where funds are needed in the schools, teachers, supplies, ect.


The assembly has seen unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic- both in keeping Sitka safe and distributing federal financial relief throughout the community. Do you believe the assembly’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been satisfactory? Why or why not? 

Yes so far from what I have seen, all though this is not an easy task and to make everyone happy. I would like to see more done for the individual citizen, folks with reduced hours do to the COVID-19, and the ones lose there job. This should be a focus.


Assuming the situation doesn’t change by 2021, what should the assembly’s proactive response be to keep the community safe and safeguard the economy?

This is a tough one ..safeguard the economy. steps will have to be put in place , not sure yet what that would look like yet but am sure will be in the middle of it when I get seated. to keep the community safe we need to keep doing what we are doing , 6 ft distance , use a mask when in stores and businesses . communicate with respect for most with the community.

Social Justice

What role should the assembly play in addressing social justice and racial equity in Sitka, if any?

If any it should be with respect and understanding. and kept positive!

Advocacy and Opposition 

How do you respond when you sense growing public opposition to an ordinance you support? What if you sponsored the ordinance, and feel it’s in the best interest of the public that it pass?

 Should be carefully looked at and done in a positive manner, whether for or against.