Employees at Sitka’s Wells Fargo reported a theft to police on Wednesday morning. (Erin McKinstry/KCAW)

A customer at Sitka’s Wells Fargo was robbed Wednesday (9-9-20) morning.

The Sitka Police Department received a call at 8:42 A.M. from a bank employee that someone had stolen $220 out of a customer’s hand while he was standing at the ATM in the Wells Fargo lobby. The customer said it happened quickly, and he couldn’t recall exactly how the theft occurred, according to Sitka Police Officer Jayson Christner.

No one was injured during the incident, but the customer was taken to the hospital after complaining of early signs of a heart attack, Christner said.

Wells Fargo employees and police used footage from the bank’s security cameras to identify the suspect. Two hours later, police arrested 20-year old Moses Alley Jarquin in the ANB Harbor parking lot.

Jarquin faces a felony charge for theft, a misdemeanor drug charge and a misdemeanor charge for violating conditions of release, following previous arrests for theft and criminal trespass earlier this spring and summer. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 12.