Gary L. Paxton

Age: 81

How many years have you lived in Sitka and in Alaska? Lifetime (30 years in Army)


Married, wife Deborah and three children- Shellie Dunn, Sydnie Wallisch and Matthew Paxton- 6 grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired

Community involvement, past and present: 
HS Grad, Sitka, 1957
City Administrator- 1992-2001
Mayor 2018-2020
Member St. Peter’s multiple years 

Have you previously run for public office? When and what office?

Last term as mayor
Years earlier (?) ran for mayor and lost

Previous government or other relevant experience:  

30 years-Army
9 years CBS Administrator 
2 years Direct SE Region DOT  

Why are you running for Mayor of Sitka this year? 

Unfinished Business: Cares Act; Haulout; Lobbying Effort w/delegation; SEARHC Affiliation; 2020/2021 Budget  

What are your top two priorities if elected?  
-Responsible Economic Development
-Doing what is best for Sitka with all our diversity: culturally, economically, politically. 


What is the mayor’s role on the assembly and how do you see yourself fulfilling that role? 

By charter: Run an effective, collegial meeting and represent Sitka 
Represent all Sitkans with respect and understanding 


What is your philosophy for funding city government (including enterprise funds, electricity, water, etc)? 

Fiscal responsibility/live within our means 
Funding for/maintaining our vast infrastructure 


Should we fund the Sitka School District to the maximum allowable by state law? 



The assembly has seen unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic- both in keeping Sitka safe and distributing federal financial relief throughout the community. Do you believe the assembly’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been satisfactory? Why or why not? 

Yes: Effective, well run EOC and CARES Funds Distribution Committee that is diverse and representative of Sitka.  


Assuming the situation doesn’t change by 2021, what should the assembly’s proactive response be to keep the community safe and safeguard the economy?

Too abstract/variables 

Social Justice

What role should the assembly play in addressing social justice and racial equity in Sitka, if any?

Understand/Be sensitive/Do what is right 

Advocacy and Opposition 

How do you respond when you sense growing public opposition to an ordinance you support? What if you sponsored the ordinance, and feel it’s in the best interest of the public that it pass?

Do as best as you can which is best for all our citizens.