The mayor’s seat, one city council seat, three planning and zoning seats, and a fish box tax were on the ballot. A total of 189 ballots were cast, including 148 regular ballots, 40 absentee and question ballots, and one spoiled ballot.

City council seat “C”Joshua Bowen (Mayor)85
Maxine Thompson46
Albert Howard36
City council seat “D”Harriet Silva (Treasurer)103
Gail Tharpe-Lucero36
Pauline Jim35
Fish Box TaxYes117


Two city council seats and one school board seat were up for re-election. A total of 170 ballots were cast, including 168 regular ballots and two absentee ballots.

City CouncilPaul Rostad96
Henrich Kadake Sr83
Adam Davis52
Shawaan Jackson-Gamble (write-in)38
Nathalie Austin30
Burt Lee Jackson17
School BoardAdam Davis98
Paulette Jackson61


Two city council seats and two school board seats were up for re-election. A total of 54 ballots were cast, including 36 regular ballots, 4 questioned ballots and 14 absentee ballots.

City CouncilCeleste Weller35
Derek Stewart32
Shane Ring20
School Board Seat #2James Slater34
Patricia Phillips14
School Board Seat #3Jessica Adams37


Seven city council seats were up for re-election. There were 29 total write-in candidates. A total of 34 ballots were cast, including 16 regular ballots and 18 absentee ballots. Port Alexander’s results won’t be certified until November.

City CouncilLaura Pollard25
Ryan Martin23
Thomas (Tommy) Corso20
Cory Gifford15
Sarah Patrick15
Debra Rose Gifford15
Kevin Mulligan14


Four city council seats were up for re-election. A total of 57 ballots were cast, including 30 absentee ballots. Mayor and vice mayor will be chosen by the city council at their meeting on Thursday, Oct. 22.

City CouncilRudy H. Ziel52
Dan Kennedy51
Linnea Lospenosochatel (write-in)49
Nikita Chase (write-in)25

*Results do not include all write-in candidates.