Sitka health officials have reported 18 new coronavirus cases since Friday (11-27-20).  

Of the 18 new patients, ten of them tested positive on Sunday according to city data — contact tracing is still in progress for those patients. As of press time, information on whether they were experiencing symptoms and how they likely contracted the virus was not yet available on the city’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Of the other eight patients who tested positive on Friday (11-27-20) and Saturday, half were experiencing symptoms at the time of testing. At least six of those cases are tied to community spread. 

All 18 of the patients are residents and all are isolating locally. Since the start of the pandemic, Sitka has reported 206 coronavirus cases. As of Sunday, 32 of those cases were still considered ‘active,’ according to city data.

Sitka’s coronavirus risk level remains ‘high.’ City officials continue to strongly encourage mask wearing and social distancing, indoor gatherings are discouraged, and the city recommends restaurants and bars reduce capacity and prioritize takeout and delivery service.