Pharmacist Katelyn Ylitalo gives the thumbs up for the arrival of the vaccine which, though delayed, was in good shape. Sitka Fire Chief Craig Warren helps unload. See the link below to schedule an appointment for a vaccination if you are 65 and older (the “1b Tier 1” category as defined by the state). (Trish White photo)

Harry Race & White’s Pharmacies vaccine coordinator Katelyn Ylitalo receives a FedEx delivery of COVID-19 vaccine at the Sitka Firehall on Friday, January 15. Bad weather had delayed the arrival of the cargo flight on Thursday. Sitka residents 65 and older and all healthcare workers (aka “1b Tier 1” in the state’s nomenclature) are eligible to receive the vaccine. You have two options: Schedule an appointment with Harry Race & White’s for a vaccine clinic at the firehall, or register with SEARHC online and you’ll receive a reply by email with your options for scheduling. Even if you don’t think you’re eligible right now, you can still register with SEARHC, and you’ll be notified when it’s your turn.

Learn more about vaccine eligibility in Alaska here.