We’re excited to welcome Cara to the Raven Radio staff! She started remotely on December 14th, and moved to Sitka at the beginning of January. Cara is a member of Sitka’s AmeriCorps program.

Cara comes to us from Helena, Oklahoma – home to 1,420 people. She has a degree in Public Relations, and is experienced in designing systems (particularly customer capture for e-commerce sites.) She has this to say:

“Service and community involvement has been an integral part of my upbringing. I grew up in a tight-knit cluster of very small towns, some as small as 250 people. In this setting, community means everything, and giving back to the community through service is a great way to show you care about your neighbor.”

Cara’s position is the result of key capacity building activities Raven Radio is undertaking to better serve our communities of listeners. Her focus is on developing the systems and structures necessary for a well-functioning volunteer department. She is working with staff to identify other avenues (beyond programming) where volunteers could meaningfully support the station & learn new skills. In fact, Cara’s work is integral to one of our programming priorities of 2021: bringing all live volunteer-hosted shows back on the air.

Please welcome Cara to the KCAW team! Have questions? Get in touch with Becky – generalmanager[at]kcaw[dot]org.