We are now collecting member testimonials for use on the air.  Who better to convince our listeners to become members, than other members? 
Here’s how to participate:

  1. Write a 75-85-word script, using the template below.
  2. Record your script using your favorite voice recording app.
  3. Send the file to development@kcaw.org.*  (Most formats will work–we can convert on our end!)

Questions?  Want help writing your script?  Email Lily Wasserman, Development Director at development@kcaw.org.

*By sending your recording, you are giving KCAW permission to use your voice on the air.


[What is your name and where do you live?]
[What do you love about KCAW?  Why do you listen?]
[Why do you choose to support the station financially?  What compels you to be a member?]
[Call to action: “Join me” or “Become a member today”…”at kcaw.org/donate.”]


Hi, I’m Mary, and I live in Sitka.  I listen to KCAW from the moment I wake up, until I turn out my lights for bed.  I love the variety of programming–there’s something for everyone, and for every time of day.  The schedule is well-rounded and checks all my boxes for news, entertainment, and culture.  KCAW gives me so much, the least I can do is give something back, and that’s why I’m a sustaining member.  Join me at kcaw.org/donate.

Further instructions:

  • Recordings should be less than 30 seconds.  For most people, this will be 75-85 words.  
  • We will add music underneath and as a buffer.
  • Hold your phone/recorder close and at an angle–this will help to minimize ambient noise and plosives (like P’s and T’s.)

Thank you for participating!  Please send your recording, and direct any questions, to Lily Wasserman at development@kcaw.org.