The F/V Sovereign Grace in Sitka Sound earlier this week (KCAW/Berett Wilber)

The Sitka Sound Sac Roe Herring Fishery went on two hour notice last weekend, but as of today (Friday 3-26-21), the fishery still hasn’t opened. 

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports that eight test sets were conducted between Monday and Thursday. Average herring size in those sets ranged anywhere from 102 grams to 112 grams.

Poor weather mid-week added challenges for both the aerial surveys and the fishing fleet. As a result, no aerial survey or test sets were conducted on Tuesday, and only one test set was conducted on Wednesday. 

In the aerial survey on Thursday, biologists observed numerous whales and sea lions, but no herring or herring spawn. An ADF&G boat survey located large schools of herring east of Middle Island, west of Bieli Rock, near Inner Point, and by Vitskari Rocks.

ADF&G continues to release updates on the status of the fishery daily, on VHF Channel 10.