Aerial photo of Angoon in 2017 (Emily Russell/KCAW)

Angoon reported its first case of the coronavirus in six months on Thursday (4-29-21).

The Southeast Alaska town of around 500 people hasn’t reported a new case since last October. According to a press release from the City of Angoon, contact tracing is underway and 60 coronavirus tests are awaiting results. The city is asking anyone with symptoms to call the local clinic and get tested. So far, only one person has tested positive.

Angoon’s schools moved to online learning Friday morning. The Angoon Community Association, Angoon’s Tribal government, has closed its doors to the public. The local gas station is only accepting credit and debit cards, and the store is taking email orders. The city offices remain open to the public, but masks are required.

Data from the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium shows that, as of April 23, just over 240 Angoon residents are fully vaccinated. A press release from the Governor’s Office issued in early April put Angoon’s vaccination rate at 76 percent.