Sitka pulp mill workers celebrate the opening of the A.L.P. (Alaska Lumber and Pulp) Credit Union in 1960. The financial institution survived the closure of the mill, and is now known as ALPS Federal Credit Union. (ALPS image)

Hal Spackman is the director of the Sitka History Museum; Sandi Riggs is the CEO of ALPS Federal Credit Union. ALPS is sponsoring a new exhibit at the museum that takes a look at Sitka’s history as a mill town, from roughly the end of WWII to 1993. The exhibit opens exclusively for ALPS members at 4 p.m. this Saturday, May 22, at Harrigan Centennial Hall, concurrent with the ALPS annual meeting. Refreshments provided. The exhibit will be up for the general public at the museum for about six months.

Sitka History Museum curator Nicole Fiorino works on the Alaska Pulp Corporation exhibit. One unique object is a piece of the first pulp ever produced by the mill. The exhibit will run for six months. (Sitka History Museum/Hal Spackman)