Thirty-two more people tested positive for Coronavirus over the last two days in Sitka (Wednesday and Thursday 7/14/-7/15/21), in what is now the highest rolling case rate since the start of the pandemic. As of Thursday afternoon the total active case count in Sitka stands at 104. 

All but one of the positive patients were Sitka residents, and all but three were reported as having symptoms at the time of testing. Patients range widely in age, from a child under 10 to several residents in their 60s. 

Two of the cases were reported as being travel related, meaning they contracted the virus while outside of Alaska.  Twelve were attributed to secondary transmission, and contact tracing is still in progress for the remaining cases. 
Vaccination status of the latest batch of Sitka cases isn’t yet available. Statewide, roughly half of Alaskans are fully vaccinated against the virus, and this population accounts for 2% of hospitalizations. The unvaccinated half of Alaskans now account for 98% of hospitalizations.