Zarembo on the UAS ramp (Photo courtesy of Chris Todd)

A wooden troller was towed to shore and demolished in Sitka Monday morning (7-26-21), after sinking in its slip in Eliason Harbor over the weekend.

The salvage company Hanson Maritime received a call at around 6:30 am on Saturday that the 46-foot troller Zarembo was sinking in its stall. The Hanson team attempted to raise the boat using divers and inflatable lift bags, but were unable to lift it completely due to the boat’s dilapidated condition. 

At 2:30 am this morning ( Monday 7/26/21) the boat was towed out of Eliason Harbor and onto the UAS boat ramp, where the Harbor Master, Coast Guard, and owner met and decided it was best to demolish it. The city provided excavators to crush the boat, as well as a dump truck to haul it away. 

No one was aboard the Zarembo when it sank.  Salvagers suspect that a broken plank was to blame for its taking on water. The state lists the most recent owner as Gregory A. Owens of Sitka.