DaGinaa Hít (“House from Far Out”) as it appeared Sunday, September 5, 2021. It began showing signs of collapse on Friday evening. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)


A portion of Katlian Street in downtown Sitka remained closed over the weekend, after an unmaintained building showed signs of collapse.

The structure, DaGinaa Hít, known in English as “House from Far Out,” dates from the early Twentieth Century, and is one of a handful clan houses remaining in Sitka from that era.

Sitka police closed the 300-block of Katlian St. on Friday evening, September 3, when the building began actively slumping into the embankment behind, and threatened to slide into the roadway.

Update 9-7-21: This story originally misidentified the structure as the “On the Point House” (X’aaka Hít).