When the Sitka Assembly met in a special session on Thursday (9-23-21), it disbursed around $45,000 in grant funding for seven local nonprofits. 

In the human services” category, it voted to award Brave Heart Volunteers just over $8000, just under $6000 to Sitka Counseling, nearly $5000 to the Sitka Homeless Coalition, and just over $8000 to Southeast Alaska Independent Living, 

In the “cultural and educational services” category, the assembly awarded $7500 to the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. It also awarded Baranof Bruins Wrestling around $4500, and just under $6000 to Sitka Trail Works, in the “Community Development” category. 

View the full award breakdown here

Typically the Assembly awards around $50,000 in nonprofit grants each year. Each organization requests an amount, and each assembly member gets a chance to allocate the funds as they see fit. The assembly members’ “suggestions” are then averaged together, and the group votes on the award amounts for each category. All of the grant amounts were approved 5-0. The assembly also agreed to set aside $5000 from the grant fund, which could be distributed in an emergency.