Three new COVID cases cases have been reported in Yakutat so far this week. According to a press release from the Yakutat Public Safety Department issued on Thursday evening (9-30-21), eight cases are currently active, and many cases reported over the last three weeks have since recovered.

In an interview with KCAW, Yakutat Police Chief Jim Capra said the newest cases don’t seem to suggest additional community spread.

“All of our recent cases, they’ve all been folks who were quarantined as close contacts or with family members,” Capra said. “We don’t seem to have any spread outside of those circles. It’s kind of the folks you’d expect.”

Some of the cases in Yakutat’s recent outbreak have been associated with the school system. The  elementary school has been closed since September 21, and the highschool since September 28 . Capra said, unless there’s another spike in cases, the elementary school will open on Monday, October 4. And the middle school and high school will reopen on October 13.