Prof. Josh Roering (second from left) from the University of Oregon, uses high-resolution LIDAR maps to determine which drainages are most susceptible to slides. LIDAR “sees” terrain through the trees, with laser technology. Read KCAW’s 2019 story on the group’s research (Sitka Sound Science Center photo)

Over the last few years, a team of researchers has been developing a landslide warning system in Sitka. In the next year, the team plans to unveil a public dashboard online that will display the potential landslide risk. RAND Pardee Center director and principal researcher Rob Lempert and post-doctoral landslide researcher Annette Patton joined KCAW’s Brooke Schafer to give an update on their landslide research. Listen here:

The RAND researchers are holding a town hall Thursday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m. to share updates with the community and get feedback on the project. Those interested may attend in-person or over Zoom. Attendance in person is limited– those who wish to attend in-person to register ahead of time on the Science Center website (, and click on “Book Now.”

There is no registration needed for online attendance.

The link for the meeting is:

Meeting ID: 881 126 7713

Passcode: SITKA