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Howdy.  My name is Jeff Moebus and I want to share a thought or two about vaccination and mask mandates.

It is my belief that the decision about whether or not somebody needs to be vaccinated or wear a mask to go into a private business should be left entirely up to the owner of that private business, and not to politicians or government health care bureaucrats.

And in light of what happened at a recent Assembly meeting, nobody has the right to go wherever they want without being vaccinated or wear a mask, if that is required by the owner and operator of the business they want to go into.  It is that bleeping simple.

The owners and managers of a business have the same complete control over who can and cannot come into their restaurant, shop, office, or airplane — and what they can and cannot do once they are in there —  as they have control over what people can and cannot do when they come into their homes.

One of the primary reasons America has failed so dismally in its dealing with The COVID Event is that it is politicians and their “experts” who have been calling the shots. They have taken a health care situation and turned it into an opportunity to gain massive political — and thus economic — power and authority. And have disabled, if not destroyed, many sectors of the economy in the process.  And greatly benefitted a very few select other sectors, as well.

And it has failed miserably. With 4.2% of the total world population, the US has 19% of the total cases and 15% of the total deaths. Until Brazil and India picked up the pace last year, the US at one point had 25% of the total cases and 20% of the total deaths.  Again:  That is with just 4.2% of the total population of the planet.

And this has happened in the nation that spends the most per capita and the highest percentage of GDP on health care in the world.  So just as the most expensive military on the planet hasn’t won a war in 76 years, our most expensive health care system and regime on the planet completely blew its first major challenge since it successfully defeated polio, smallpox, tuberculosis, whooping cough, and other killers during the 20th century. 

And the seeds of that failure were planted long before Trump took over the throne in the Oval Office.

One wonders when the architects and engineers of this total failure wandering our corridors of power in DC and various State capitols will be held accountable. If it’s like all previous government failures, the answer is never.

Thanks for listening, and Thanks to KCAW for letting me have my say.