Government Relations Director Melissa Henshaw, City Administrator John Leach and Mayor Steven Eisenbeisz place a few items in the time capsule before closing it. It won’t be opened again for public viewing for 50 years (KCAW/Rose)

On Thursday afternoon (12-2-21) city officials closed the lid on a box of 2021 mementos that will be sealed away for the next 50 years.

The box included everything from yearbooks from Mt. Edgecumbe and Sitka High School, to cloth masks, which have become synonymous with 2021 and the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Steven Eisenbeisz included a sealed letter to Sitka’s future mayor. Other items ranged from Elizabeth Peratrovich coins, to newspapers and radio theater tickets, to a gas receipt and an updated harbor rate sheet. The box also included a picture of the Sitka Charter Commission from 1971, marking 50 years since the city’s unification.

View the full list of items included in the time capsule here

The box will be stored for safe-keeping among the numerous artifacts in the Sitka History Museum. And it won’t be seen by the public until it’s opened in 2071.

Hal Spackman shows the Sitka History Museum’s archives, where the time capsule will live for the next 50 years. (KCAW/Rose)