In an effort to share Raven Radio’s own story with a broader audience in Sitka and further afield we broadcast our annual meeting every year. On Thursday, December 16th, KCAW staff reported on the state of the station in 2021. This was our program for the evening:

6:30 PM – Welcome & Order of Things + Community Announcements: Becky Meiers, General Manager

6:45 PM – Introduce the Board/Board President Statement: Lauren Bell, Board President

6:50 PM – CoastAlaska: Mollie Kabler, Executive Director, CoastAlaska

7:00 PM – Budget Report: Becky Meiers, General Manager

7:06 PM – Audience Report: Becky Meiers, General Manager

7:10 PM – Volunteer: Cara Crain, Volunteer Coordinator

7:20 PM – Development: Lily Wasserman, Development Director

7:30 PM – News: Robert Woolsey – News Director, Katherine Rose – Reporter, Tash Kimmell – RFA Reporter

7:47 PM – Operations: Bryan Lovett, Adam Lechowicz, Operations Director/Operations Apprentice

7:55 PM – Q&A calls: Becky Meiers

Listen to the audio from our 2021 Annual Meeting

Here is the outline for our meeting presentation: