One of several armed officers spotted stationed outside of the Super 8 Motel in Sitka this afternoon (12-21-21). The officer’s vest reads “Police US Postal Inspector” and officers wearing FBI vests were also present (Photo courtesy of Jason Gjertsen)

Armed federal officers were stationed around the Super 8 hotel in Sitka this afternoon (12-21-21), amid an ongoing drug investigation. 

In an email to KCAW, Sitka Police Department spokesperson Serena Wild said police are currently working on an active investigation with two narcotics task forces – Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs (SEACAD), and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area unit, or HIDTA.

Wild said police hope the operation will be resolved sometime Wednesday. 

It isn’t the first time outside organizations have aided SPD in a drug investigation. SEACAD is a regional narcotics task force, and HIDTA is a federal program that provides assistance to communities that are deemed ‘critical drug trafficking areas’ in the US. It’s been involved in different drug investigations in Sitka since 2018. 

The Super 8 hotel is located next door to the City/State building, which houses the Sitka Police Department. KCAW spoke with staff at the Super 8, who confirmed the FBI’s presence at the hotel. The staff member, who identified himself as the manager, said he didn’t want publicity and quipped that the activity around the building was due to “a birthday party.”