Sitka is anticipating a record breaking number of cruise ship passengers this summer. Boats carrying a grand total of around 480,000 passengers are predicted to dock at the privately owned Sitka Sound Cruise Terminal. That’s nearly double the biggest cruise year in the community’s history. For the last eight months, the Planning Commission has been trying to figure out how the city can absorb such a large influx of tourists. In December, the Commission released a first draft of its plan, which the Sitka Assembly will review in a joint work session on January 13.

KCAW spoke with City Planning Director Amy Ainslie about the short-term tourism plan, and how Sitkans can make sure their feedback is included. Listen here:

Read the full short-term tourism plan here or watch a video overview of the plan

Give feedback on the short-term tourism plan by filling out this survey here. Survey responses must be submitted by midnight on January 9.