The Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka. (KCAW Photo/Enrique Pérez de la Rosa)

The Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum are kicking off a new fundraising campaign February 1st, as part of an effort to show off their catalog and bring more awareness to the collection. Tlingit artist Robert Hoffman, Curator Jackie Fernandez-Hamberg, and donors, Carvel Glenn and Randall Lamb join KCAW’s Erin Fulton to discuss the cultural significance of the museum, and how you can support future programing by getting involved in the fundraiser. Listen below.

Glenn and Lamb are going to match up to $25,000 in donations over the next three months. Fundraising efforts include a silent auction and a the opportunity to win a $100 dollar Amazon gift card for sharing donation info. For more information on how to contribute, visit the museum in person, or go to the Friends of Sheldon Jackson website .