Adam first joined the KCAW team as our Operations Apprentice in October 2021.

Hello to all of our Raven Radio listeners and supporters, my name is Adam Lechowicz (pronounced leck-OH-witz) and I am the new Operations Director at KCAW. I began at Raven Radio as the Operations Dpprentice, where I learned the tricks of the trade from the beloved Bryan Lovett. From October to December, I learned as much as I could as a part time employee of Raven Radio, while finishing up my term as a Sitka Americorps, where I served at the Hanson House with Youth Advocates of Sitka, and at Baranof Elementary with the Sitka School District. While these may not seem like the foundational institutions of an up and coming radio operator, I have spent lots of my free time in sound, as well as building and maintaining computer and sound hardware. I have been in bands and creating music since I was twelve years old.

Within the last five years I moved out of the garage and built a small bedroom studio where I started using digital audio workstations, something I use at KCAW every day. This intersection of tech and sound is one of my favorite parts of working here, and makes for a rewarding experience. 

I have been in the Operations Director position since Bryan’s departure at the end of 2021, and have been steadily growing and learning the craft over the past two months. In that time you may have heard my show, and new creative outlet, The Crapshoot, which airs 10 PM to midnight on Wednesdays. You have also likely heard the many spots I have produced. 

While I have met some of you, especially those who live here in Sitka, I know that the reach of Raven Radio is much larger than I imagined when I began here. So to those I have yet to meet, I say hello and thank you for your support and trust in taking on this vital part of our community. I hope to help KCAW thrive as we go into our 40th year of broadcasting. 

Happy Listening,