The Japonski Island Boathouse is the centerpiece of the Sitka Maritime Heritage Society’s efforts. Power and a public restroom should be installed this summer. With luck, a crew will be building a boat in the shop next winter. (SMHS image)

Rebecca Poulson and Mike Litman with the Sitka Maritime Heritage Society discuss the organization’s annual meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, via Zoom (find the link at the Sitka Maritime Heritage Society website). The deadline to buy a ticket for the Society’s Quilt raffle is prior to the meeting on March 23. The oral history panel than typically happens during the annual meeting will be held as as separate event this fall. Although the Society’s public events have been scaled back during the pandemic, grant-funded renovations at the Japonski Island Boathouse have continued, and the boat shop could be operational as early as next winter.