Sitka will get one federally-funded light-duty charging station, but it will have four ports. (Flickr photo/Ivan Radic)

Barbara Bingham and the “Transition Sitka” group are working with the Alaska Energy Authority in their project to locate public EV (light duty) chargers on national highways (every 50 miles) through dedicated funding included in the federal infrastructure legislation. With our limited national highway, Sitka will get one. The AEA has asked us to help with determining stakeholder consensus, and to that end, we’re hosting a Zoom presentation and question and answer session on Monday, May 23, 12-1pm. (Stakeholders include local businesses and agencies with light duty fleets, and apartment dwellers and renters who’d like to have an EV, but may not have the capacity to charge at their residence.) The presenter will be Devon Kibby, founding member of the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association, who has been largely responsible for installing at least 18 public chargers in Juneau. To connect with Transition Sitka, email