The Green Lake Dam, pictured here in a file photo, is one of two hydro projects operated by the City of Sitka.

Sitkan Asa Dow, joins KCAW’s Brooke Schafer to discuss his upcoming presentation on the future of hydroelectricity in Sitka. Asa will talk about what he’s learned about Sitka’s hydroelectric production, the projects of the past 40 years, current usage, and the big questions of the potential impact of new construction, how long current generation will suffice, how to make it go farther, and the potential timeline and sources for renewable energy in Sitka’s future. 

The presentation will be at 7 pm Thursday June 2 at Harrigan Centennial Hall. The project was part of Asa’s senior year at Sitka High School, mentored by the Sitka Conservation Society and Sitka High School teacher Scott McArthur. The project was only possible through the generosity of Sitka’s Electrical Department engineers, current and retired, and other Sitkans who shared their knowledge and interest in renewable energy technology and Sitka’s unique situation. 

Asa will also share information on the other part of the project, putting together a small solar energy system practical for boats, remote properties or garden sheds. For more information, call 907 623-8386 or email