The repaired section of Sitka Cross Trail (Photo courtesy of Sitka Trail Works)

A 30-foot chunk of the Sitka Cross Trail that washed out in a landslide in late January has finally been repaired. 

In an interview with KCAW on Friday (6-10-22) Sitka Trail Works Executive Director Ben Hughey said hikers can now pass through the section of trail between the Kramer Avenue trailhead and the Cascade Creek bridge that was blocked off for the last five months. The slide occurred on a steep hillside after a heavy rain event.  

“We knew from the beginning that it was going to be a substantial reconstruction, because the entire base of the trail was washed out,” Hughey said.

On May 10, the Sitka Assembly approved $30,000 in funding to repair the trail. The city contracted with Troy’s Excavation to make the repairs — they completed the trail reconstruction earlier this week.

Hughey says repair work included a couple of measures to prevent the trail embankment from failing again, including installing a drainage culvert at the site.