The Covid alert level in Sitka is back to “low” for the first time since April.

The US Centers for Disease Control lowered the alert based on data from the state, showing only 12 reported cases of Covid in the community in the last week.

For a town of Sitka’s size, the threshold for moving up to “medium” alert is 17 or more cases in a week. To go to “high” alert, someone must be hospitalized for covid.

Sitka joins much of the rest of the state in shifting to low alert. The Alaska Division of Health reports just over 1,700 cases of Covid statewide in the past week, but no new hospitalizations. That’s down from six the previous week. However, there are still 80 patients hospitalized in Alaska for the virus.

The CDC guidelines for managing Covid are similar in “low” alert to what they were in “medium.” At the top of the list is being up-to-date with Covid vaccines and boosters, keeping spaces well-ventilated, and staying in touch with your healthcare provider if you are at high risk for becoming very sick. Masks can be worn by anyone at any time, especially in indoor public transportation settings, and as required by state and local authorities.