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Dear Sitka Citizens,

I write to you to ask you to vote NO to Proposition #1. 

I am not against a fair and reasonable tax on Marijuana.  I am not against the tax going to the students of Sitka.

I am against this proposition.  It wants to raise the Marijuana tax to 8% and give it to the travel fund of Sitka School District.  But only the students that participate in sports and other after school activities.  This will pay for the travel.  No more fund raising.  I thought that the fundraising made us all better citizens, athletes, businesses and community members.  I thought that this money was going to scholarships and grants to help kids who couldn’t afford to get into programs.  I thought it would help community schools.  But I was wrong.  It’s going into the travel fund.

If Proposition 1 passes, Seniors will lose their senior tax exemption on ALL marijuana, CBD and hemp products.

If Proposition 1 passes, it opens the door to raise alcohol taxes to 8%.

I attended all the meetings of the Marijuana Advisory Committee (MAC).  While the committee made many recommendations, they did not have all the facts.  They did not know that there would be no banking available for Marijuana businesses in Sitka.  MAC did not know the Federal Government, the State Government and the City Government would tax Cannabis retailers over 50% in taxes.  If they had, I’m sure they would NOT have supported excessive taxation.

We need to start again, while this proposition has some really good parts, it needs to be refined so it benefits all of us.

Thanks for considering all the pros and cons and support your cannabis businesses by voting NO on Proposition 1.

Most Sincerely,

Michelle Cleaver