Assembly member Dave Miller is stepping down at next week’s assembly meeting, citing health issues.

In a letter dated October 5 included in the October 11 assembly packet, Miller writes that the decision comes under the direction of his physician, and says that he will “still be around to help out in any way [he] can, but will just have to learn when to say ‘no’ once in a while.” 

Under city code, if an assembly seat becomes vacant, the assembly must elect a qualified person to fill the vacancy within 20 days. Miller has two years left on his term– whoever the assembly appoints will serve in his seat until October 2023. At that time, voters will elect someone to fill the final year of Miller’s term.

How the seat is filled is up to the assembly. Municipal Clerk Sara Peterson says she’s seen the assembly take a couple of different approaches to filling seats in the last few years. In 2014, assembly member Phyllis Hackett resigned, and the assembly called for “letters of interest” with a seven day period to apply. The assembly then held a special meeting and voted on which applicant would fill the remainder of the year.

In 2016, when Matt Hunter became mayor, he had two years left on his assembly term. The assembly appointed the third highest vote getter, Aaron Swanson, to serve in the seat for one year. Peterson says the assembly can choose either path to appoint Miller’s replacement, but there’s nothing in code requiring one way or the other, beyond the 20-day timeline requirement and that the candidate be qualified.

Miller turned in his letter of resignation on Wednesday, shortly before the assembly’s agenda was finalized. His last day in office will be October 11.