Many communities around Alaska held their municipal elections this week, and results are in from some listening communities in Southeast.

In Pelican, Patricia Phillips will likely win a three-year term as the city’s mayor. She was the only candidate on the ballot, securing 30 votes. Mike Allard won a three year term on the city council with 32 votes. A write-in candidate Norm Carson won the second council seat with 25 votes. For school board seat one, write-in candidate Phil Spencer was the winner with 12 votes, although many other community members received one or two votes as write-ins. For school board seat 4 in Pelican, Lattieca Stewart was the winner with 34 votes. 

In Tenakee Springs, three city council seats were up for grabs. Linnea Lospenosochatel was the top vote getter with 28 votes, followed closely by Stephen Lewis with 26 and write-in Nikita Chase with 15.

In Angoon, Ed Jack earned 63 votes for Seat A on the city council, edging out Travis Wilkerson who won 30 votes. For Angoon’s Seat B, Albert Kookesh III earned 41 votes – only five votes ahead of Doris Williams. Jesse Daniels earned 19 votes. Eight absentee and six question ballots will be counted on Friday at 9:30 a.m. 

Seven one-year terms were decided by write-in vote in Port Alexander. The top vote getters, in order, were Ryan Martin, Cory Gifford, Earl Bud Durdle, Debra Rose Gifford, Laura Pollard, Sara Patrick, and Thomas Corso. 

Port Alexander also weighed in on four open seats in the Southeast Island School District which serves not only PA, but also Coffman Cove, Kasaan and Thorne Bay. For seat B, Amanda Blankenship edged out Risa Carlson 62 to 41. Sandy Curtis ran unopposed for seat C, and picked up 82 votes combined from all of the district communities. For seat D, Debbie Fehr narrowly edged out William Tyrell, 46 to 41. And for seat E, Molly Kimzey won over Kate Holtman, 64 to 41. 

All of these results are unofficial until they’re certified. In most communities that’s happening sometime next week. The one community in our listening area that doesn’t follow this local election calendar is Yakutat. Voters there will go to the polls on Tuesday, October 18, to select a mayor, four assembly members, and three school board members.