The famous Stardust Ball took place on Saturday, October 29th at Centennial Hall. After staying dormant for 2 years, Sitka’s signature event roared back to life, with a costume contest, lip sync competition, and of course, and Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme playing two sets of the most party-worthy music.

Thanks to our sponsors AKO Farms and Harbor Mountain Brewing Company for making this a night to remember! And thanks to Bobbi Jordan for documenting everything!

Proceeds for this event went to KCAW Sitka and the Ramshackle Cabaret — we all appreciate Sitka’s support of our work. And we love supporting Sitka’s luxuriant creativity and vitality in hosting this event.

Our full album of photos from Stardust 2022 is available on the KCAW Sitka Facebook page– check out our album link. Here are a select few favorite shots.

Wario and Waluigi bringing down the house!
Statler and Waldorf keeping it cantankerous and cute!
Holy Eldridge Gravy Gig!
A Clockwork Horn Section
Those traffic jams hit different when they’re a musical.
Our esteemed MCs, by the power of Grayskull!
Enhanced fun with chum!
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves… and for YOU!
Gaga gracing the stage!
Just one of the many gorgeous costumes to grace the ball!