Smoking and canning fish and meat is one part of this weekend’s ANITA workshop. The program also covers Tlingit names for foods, and Kiks.adi traditions and history. (ANITA image)

Tom Gamble is the director of ANITA, the Alaska Native Indigenous Training Academy, which will be offering a 3-day workshop in Food Security Training, Nov 4-6. Topics include basic Tlingit names for foods, Tlingit placenames, smokehouse values, and Kiks.adi legends and history around harvesting salmon. There will also be a cedar rope bracelet activity. Tickets are free for Kiks.adi, all other can purchase individual or family passes at LFS. The opening session is 5-7 p.m. Friday, November 4, at the ANB Founders Hall. For more information email Proceeds benefit the Point House restoration project.