Claire Turner takes photographs with one of her family’s ferrets, Beans. (Photo/Chris Turner)

A somewhat new local non-profit hosted a ‘picture purrfect’ fundraiser on Saturday (11-12-22) to raise money for operations at the Sitka Animal Shelter. 

Kristina Tirman is the board president of the ‘Friends of Sitka Animal Shelter’, which was established last fall. On Saturday, November 12, they hosted family portrait sessions with pets at the Crescent Harbor Shelter.

“Just seems like good timing before the holidays,” Tirman said. “People will be sending out holiday cards, and we’re hoping that they can use these photos for their holiday cards this year.”

“We did request that people put the type of animal they’re bringing just because you never know,” Tirman added. “And we want to make sure our photographers could be prepared. We have mostly dogs. And we have a family who is bringing their five ferrets. So that will be interesting. And I’m hoping someone will bring their cat just because I love cats.” 

Five local photographers donated their services; Tyler Eddy, Dan Evans, Bobbi Jordan, Caitlin Blaisdell, and Vincent Balansag. Tirman said 100% of the donations will go to the nonprofit which plans to use the funds for operations and future projects, like improving the adult cat room and making more outdoor space available for dogs.

“Another goal we have is to create a dog run on the premises. And this is something we obviously need to talk with the city about, because it’s a city-owned building,” Tirman said. But it would be great to have a larger outdoor space for the dogs to run around. Not just when they’re being taken out for a walk, but just where they could be placed outside for a little bit to play and hang out.”