Step in to the new season of The Savory Moment, a culinary soundscape where dinner ideas come to life. Hosted by Alaska chef Beth Short-Rhoads, weekly episodes blend kitchen philosophy with simple recipes for seafood and other fresh ingredients. 

Listen to each episode, archived below:

Episode 1: A Little Bit of Everything

Air Date: November 3

Episode 2: Black Cod for Breakfast

Air Date: November 10

Episode 3: Market Volatility

Air Date: November 17

Episode 4: Carpe Caesar

Air Date: November 24

Episode 5: Mr. Maillard’s Scallops

Air Date: December 1

Episode 6: Counting to Dinner

Air Date: December 8

Episode 7: Gold in the Hills

Air Date: December 15

Episode 8: The Butterfly Effect

Air Date: December 22

Episode 9: Maybe…

Air Date: December 29

Episode 10: Skin and Bones

Air Date: January 5

Episode 11: Four Things to Rely on

Air Date: January 12

Episode 12: A Cry for Onions

Air Date: January 19

Episode 13: Splash and Burn

Air Date: January 26

To find the full recipes featured in each episode, visit and don’t forget to savor the moment!

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