Helen Cheek (l.) and Steve Bradshaw submitted letters of interest to the Sitka School Board, for the position of interim superintendent. (KCAW file photo)

The Sitka School Board will interview two applicants who are interested in serving as interim superintendent of schools beginning this summer.

Former district superintendent Steve Bradshaw submitted a letter of interest for the position. He served as superintendent in Sitka for 13 years, and three years prior to that as principal of Sitka High School. He most recently was superintendent of the Columbia Falls, Montana, school district from 2014 to 2020.

In his letter, Bradshaw wrote, “I believe I can help the Board, district staff, and students have a very productive 2023-2024 school year.”

At the board’s February 16 meeting when the applicants were announced, at least a half-dozen faculty and staff stepped forward to speak in support of Bradshaw.

A second letter was submitted by Helen Cheek, who has been superintendent of the Iditarod Area School District in McGrath, Alaska, for the last two years. For two years prior to that, Cheek was the director of the Career Technical and Education Center for the Yukon Flats School District, as well as that district’s director of federal grants.

In her letter, Cheek wrote, “I love working with students and communities to build bridges between what the community needs and what students want for their future.” Cheek’s husband is a certified teacher and retired from the US Navy.

The Sitka School Board will meet in special session 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 22, in the District Office board room to develop interview questions for the applicants, and then convene in executive session to discuss contract terms for the interim hire. A meeting to interview the candidates has been tentatively scheduled for the evening of Thursday, March 2.

Current Sitka Superintendent Frank Hauser has submitted his resignation effective June 30.

Helen Cheek letter of interest.

Helen Cheek resume.

Steve Bradshaw letter of interest.

Steve Bradshaw resume.