Hawlet Cohen learns how to brew espresso at Bear Country Coffee. Cohen was one of six 8th graders who tried their hands at being baristas for the week for “Discover Your Potential” at Blatchley Middle School.

It’s “Discover Your Potential” week at Blatchley Middle School, and a group of 8th graders is discovering their potential, plus picking up serious job skills, training as baristas at a local coffee bar. KCAW’s Katherine Rose stopped by to see how it’s going, and sent this audio postcard:

Voices heard in this story include Blatchley Middle School 8th grader Gabe Blankenship and Claire Delacruz mastering the barista arts at Bear Country Coffee, along with teacher Kirstin Karsunky. From reading to kindergartners, to playing the card game “Magic the Gathering,” Discover Your Potential week at Blatchley Middle School is all about learning and honing new skills.

Kirstin Karsunky (left) snaps a photo of the six students who participated in DYP at the coffee shop. Visible to the right: Shayla Meunier, Ilima James, and Gabe Blankenship.