It’s not always about baskets or headbands: Churchill showed her students how to weave these yellow cedar bark “flowers” on the last day of her classes at Pacific High in Sitka. (Mark Sixbey/UAS)

Students in Sitka recently had an opportunity to study cedar bark basketry with one of the masters of the art.

Holly Churchill, who is following in the footsteps of her mother, famed Haida weaver Delores Churchill, taught art classes at the Sitka campus of the  University of Alaska Southeast in March. Students from Pacific High School also attended, for dual credit toward college.

KCAW reporter-at-large Kari Sagel dropped by one of the classes and discovered that weaving is a quiet art, but one with lifetime benefits. She sent this audio postcard.

UAS art professor Mark Sixbey says Churchill’s class was so popular that he plans to invite the Ketchikan artist back to Sitka in the fall.

Instructor Holly Churchill says the lessons of basketry include patience: Sometimes work has to be undone and redone in order to move forward — a lesson for life. (Mark Sixbey/UAS)