Sitkans will weigh in on two ballot propositions that, if approved, would impact Sitka School District finances, and possibly its board. 

For the last twenty years, each summer Sitka’s sales tax has jumped from 5% to 6%. But once the bonds were paid off this year, the seasonal sales tax sunset. If approved by voters, Prop 1 would impose that seasonal increase permanently, and dedicate the additional revenue to the repair and replacement of school buildings and infrastructure. 

The city’s charter prevents “elected municipal officers” from serving in other offices or on city staff. That means municipal employees can’t serve on the assembly or school board. Prop 2 would update the city’s charter to allow municipal employees to run for seats on the Sitka School Board, as long as they don’t work for the school district. Sponsors say the proposition is needed, in part, due to the challenge of recruiting and retaining school board members. 

Both propositions passed unanimously on final reading with little deliberation at the assembly table. Now it’s up to voters to decide in Sitka’s municipal election on Tuesday October 3. 

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