Drivers in downtown Sitka can expect a few changes to traffic patterns in the coming weeks. 

Several two way streets will soon become one-way streets. City staff say the changes are to align with local and national safety standards.

American Street will be converted to a one-way street heading northbound, away from Lincoln Street. The next street over, Barracks, will be one-way going southbound, toward Lincoln Street. Race Street, which connects the two, will now be one-way going east toward American Street. 

Additionally, the alley east of Alaska Pacific Bank on Lincoln Street will be converted to a one-way street going north, though drivers on Seward Street will still be able to turn south into the alley to access nearby parking. 

Maintenance and Operations Director Mike Stenberg says his team will install new signage over the coming weeks. They’ll leave the signs covered, and unveil them on the day the traffic changes go into effect, which he expects to be by the middle of August. 

A press release from the city calls for drivers to follow all signage and exercise caution in the area as the community adjusts to the changes. Those with questions about the street changes can call the Public Works at 747-1804.